Dealers Hear From Congress on Key Policy Issues at NADA’s 2012 Washington Conference

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October 18, 2012 by Minuteman Trucks

By:Don Chalmers, NADA Government Relations Committee Chairman

NADA recently held its annual Washington Conference with more than 400 dealers and state and metro dealer association executives descending on the nation’s capital to meet with their Representatives and Senators. NADA officials and other Washington insiders briefed dealers on the key legislative issues facing auto retailing.

Tax issues were high on the agenda. With numerous tax cuts slated to sunset at the end of the year, dealers stressed the importance of not only extending the current estate tax rates but also finding a permanent solution. Protecting the LIFO accounting method, which many lawmakers view as an easy revenue raiser, was also discussed with members of the House and Senate. One immediate result of the Washington Conference was the extension of the service advisors’ overtime exemption. It was recently extended until March 2013 as part of a temporary government funding bill. Finally, dealers thanked House members for passing H.R. 5859, a bill that eliminates an obsolete insurance booklet that dealers must have on hand or face a fine. H.R. 5859 represents NADA’s overall effort to remove unnecessary regulations on dealerships. Senators were encouraged to take up the bill and advance it to the President’s desk before the end of the year.

The morning led off with an election briefing by renowned political analyst and writer Charlie Cook. Next, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.V., a member of the House Financial Services Committee, stressed a key theme of this Washington Conference — the economic power of the Main Street dealership. “Every Member of Congress knows how important the dealerships in their local communities are to families, job creation, to the stabilities of neighborhoods, [and] the stabilities of communities,” she said. Click here to view her message to dealers.

Senator Max Baucus, D-Mont., was introduced by his constituent, NADA Chairman Bill Underriner. Baucus is chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, which is responsible for tax legislation. He stressed his goals of increasing competitiveness, innovation, opportunity and job creation for the end of the 112th Congress and into the next two years. Click here to view the Senator’s message to the Washington Conference attendees.

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., reiterated the importance and power of small businesses in the United States. He delivered an inspirational economic message. He also expressed the need for Washington to get off the back and out of the wallets of job creators. Click here to view his comments to dealers.


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