Top 5 Reasons to Maintain Diesels


December 21, 2012 by Minuteman Trucks

An informative article titled Maintaining Diesels was published in the November issue of HDT Magazine that we found to be a very helpful resource. We know that it is a full-time job maintaining your fleet, let alone dealing with the never ending engine technologies and EPA standards. Here are a few tips from the article that we found very important to making your job easier, saving you money, and keeping your fleet on the road:

  1. Scrimping on regular maintenance can end up costing you more in the long run. If you only fix some of the problems and leave the small problems that don’t seem like a big deal now, a few months down the road those small problems can turn into big problems. You will end up spending double or triple what you initially thought.
  2. It is important to use engine diagnostics to keep you up to-date with lurking problems in your engines. Sometimes ignoring the warning lights prevent your truck from preforming necessary functions like a regen.
    “It doesn’t want to self-destruct, so it protects itself,” says Chris Damiano, director of maintenance at Diesel Direct, a fuel delivery service headquartered in Stoughton, MA. “Our drivers are instructed to tell their bosses or shop people if that warning light is illuminated so whatever’s causing it can be found and fixed. If not, the DPF will plug up and the engine will stop running. Accurate diagnostics and troubleshooting are a must.”
  3. Be proactive about repairs. “Don’t overlook the everyday stuff, and don’t neglect parts you might think are almost bulletproof. Sooner or later they will let you down.”
  4. Do not ignore a regen. “Regens are a painful but necessary fact of post-EPA-2007 life. Drivers need to be trained how to handle the situation, and fleets should be watching for how often the service is performed. They can ignore the light a couple of times, but it’ll catch you up sooner or later.”
  5. Set-up a regular maintenance schedule for air and fuel systems. “Don’t wait for a failure. You can’t afford a problem with the air system anymore. The oil and water has to be filtered out of the system, because a huge percentage of the aftertreatment system’s problems are actually failures of a primary system like an air drier or compressor.”

To read the whole article please click here.


One thought on “Top 5 Reasons to Maintain Diesels

  1. Completely agree! It’s so easy to overlook the so called ‘bulletproof’ parts of the engine. I bought an engine hoist last year to make sure I could check and maintain all parts of my engine. I think I got it from they allowed me to compare some options.

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