Are You Using the Right Grease for Your Clutch?

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March 27, 2013 by Minuteman Trucks

Not all greases are the same and should be picked on application and compatibility. The three things you should look for when selecting a grease:

  1. Grade
  2. Thickener Type
  3. Performance

Greases are considered “compatible” when these parameters don’t change when mixed:

  • Grade (Consistency) – If the grease becomes softer
  • Lower Heat Resistance – If the grease melts sooner
  • Decrease in Additive Performance – If the grease does not protect as well

Proper greasing is the key to clutch longevity. Proper grease intervals purge the debris from the grease and provide new grease for bearings. Failure to properly lubricate the bearing/bushing will result in bearing and bushing failures:

  • Regular grease service intervals are required to purge the debris from the grease.
  • If not maintained, the debris can become hard and prevent the flow of grease when serviced.

Click here to read more about the proper grease for Eaton Clutches.


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