Preparing for Winter Driving Conditions – Part 3

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December 24, 2013 by Minuteman Trucks

Here is the third round of winter driving tips! Remember to stay safe. These tips are brought to you by Idealease.

Make sure to check out Preparing for Winter Driving Conditions – Part 1 & Part 2 if you missed them!


  1. Brake before making turns. It is difficult to steer vehicles while applying the brakes in snowy conditions. So make sure to smoothly step on your truck’s brakes to reduce speed before entering turns. Once you have rounded the corner you can accelerate again.
  2. Drive smoothly. Snowy and icy roads are much less forgiving than dry pavement. Make sure not to make any abrupt turns or stops when driving. Doing so will often cause your vehicle to lose control and skid out.
  3. Be familiar with your vehicle. It is always a good idea to be familiar with your vehicle’s driving dynamics. This is especially true when driving on snow or ice. Also, be aware of the weight condition of your truck. As your load and weight diminish the handling of the truck in snow and ice will change.
  4. Learn how to control skids. While it is best practiced in a driving school or on a closed course, it is not a bad idea to practice controlling skids in your vehicle so that you know how to react if it ever happens under real world driving conditions. When skidding, you actually need to go against your natural instincts and turn into the skid and accelerate. Taking your foot off of the brakes and accelerating gently during skids transfers your vehicle’s weight from the front to the rear and often helps vehicles to regain control.

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