Communicating with Other Drivers and Pedestrians While Driving

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January 28, 2014 by Minuteman Trucks

Safety tips brought to you by Idealease.

By appropriately using communication, you make it easier for other drivers to see you. You also make it easier for you to see other drivers. Ensuring that you can see other drivers and that they can see you will drastically reduce the chance of an accident. The following communication devices are part of your “execution arsenal”:

  1. Turn signals can be used to let other drivers know that you are turning, changing lanes, pulling out of a parking space or pulling out from the curb. You should signal at least four seconds before you plan to take action.
  2. Emergency signals should be used to warn other drivers that you are experiencing vehicle trouble or when you must park on the shoulder of the roadway for an emergency. This is a warning to other drivers to give you more space.
  3. The horn should be tapped lightly when trying to gain the attention of another driver or pedestrian. It should not be used to vent frustration at other drivers’ actions.
  4. Headlights: Many new trucks have daytime running lights that turn on automatically. These help other drivers see you. You can flash your lights to oncoming traffic to warn them of dangers up ahead such as accidents or obstructions in the roadway.

To find out more details about each communication device, click here.


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