International Upgrades Truck and Body Electronics


March 12, 2015 by Minuteman Trucks


International Truck announced a new body control module designed to deliver six times faster processing speeds for truck and body electronics at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. The company also announced enhancements to its Diamond Logic electrical system.

Designed in line with the Society of Automotive Engineer 500k Baud standards, the OEM said the new body control module is not only faster but features 16 more input/output slots for equipment manufacturers as well as three additional data links. The modules will be built into production trucks starting in November.

International’s Diamond Logic electrical system has been upgraded and now includes features designed to increase uptime. A new Intelligent Start feature was
added that disables the starter motor the moment the engine starts to prevent over-cranking and overheating to extend starter life.

Another enhancement allows International trucks to be programmed to start prior to a driver’s arrival at a specific time each day. The vehicle can warm itself up
before being driven to save drivers time.

Diamond Logic has also been enhanced with Auto Start-Stop, which reduces idle time but can also be used to recharge batteries automatically or heat the cab without continuously running the engine.

“Our Diamond Logic electrical system is best known for its ability to provide control and communication between work trucks and body equipment,” said John McKinney, senior vice president of sales and marketing at International.

“We want our customers to experience the highest level of uptime in the industry and that’s why we are taking electronics to the next level,” he added.



One thought on “International Upgrades Truck and Body Electronics

  1. Some interesting updates. Particularly the auto stop-start.

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