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July 10, 2015 by Minuteman Trucks


2016 F-650 Diesel Super Cab Fire Truck

One size does not fit all. For vocational fleets, options are an imperative to selecting the best vehicle for the job.The all new My-2016 Ford F-650/F-750 provides fleet customers just that: a menu of options.

Apart from an increased selection of options and features, the new F-650/F-750 models will be 100% Ford. In previous years, the vehicle was a blend between Ford Motor Co. (Ford), Navistar International, Cummins and Allison Transmission. In an effort to improve the ordering and assembly process, the vehicle will be completely designed and manufactured by Ford with only Ford components, giving customers several advantages.

Vocationally Diverse

One of the strength of the F-650/F-750 model is its ability to service a diverse field of vocational fleets. In addition to being a leader in the construction and landscaping industry, Ford has a presence in tree service, towing and recovery and beverage fleets. Ford marketing manager, Mark Lowrey, also notes growing interest in the “rental side of business,” which he attributes to the “gasoline engine and the box truck configuration.”

The F-650/F-750 are offered in Regular Cab, SuperCab, and Crew Cab styles, as well as in straight-frame, dock-height, and an all-new dedicated tractor model for heavy towing applications. Furthermore, the area behind the cab was redesigned to more easily accommodate custom work bodies, such as but not limited to tow trucks and dump trucks.


Being able to deliver what customers want is something that Ford looks to target, especially with the release of the new F-650/F-750 models. The MY-2016 F-650/F-750 is available with either a diesel or gasoline engine.

The available 6.7L Power Stroke V-8 turbo diesel engine is paired with a commercial-grade 6-speed Ford TorqShift HD automatic transmission optimized for medium-duty vocations.The engine is available in three power settings, allowing customers to choose the horsepower and torque combination that best meets their needs. In addition to coming with a five-year/250,000-mile warranty, there is no vocational limit on the power ratings for the engine that may limit the top horsepower and torque to an that of an emergency vehicle package.

After the success of the 6.8L V-10 gasoline engine (originally released for the My-2014 F-650 model), Ford has decided to add it to the range of options available for the My-2014 F-750 model. In an effort to make the process of building the truck easier for the client, Ford gives customers freestanding options, which opens up the opportunity to select only the features that the customer wants. Further aiding in this process is the company’s commercial vehicle tool (CTV) which helps customers build a truck that will fit their needs while still ensuring that the customer gets the right truck, by tracking important features such as gross vehicle weight, gross combined weight and towing capacity.

Alternative Fuel

Ford is also giving fleet owners more choice in terms of fuel selection with the gaseous prep package. Through one of Ford’s Qualified Vehicle Modifiers (QVM), fleets are able to convert their F-650/F-750 model to operate on either propane autogas or on compressed natural gas (CNG). According to Mike Levine, truck communications manager for Ford Motor Co., “the advantage of making the modifications through a QVM is that Ford will continue to honor the powertrain warranty in the event of a failure.”

Upfit Friendly

One of the attractive features of the new F-650/F-750 models is the clean cab-to-axle. By moving the routing for the electrical and brake line away from the mounting rails, the model is far more accommodating to upfits. The improvement in efficiency gives Ford the opportunity to better service the needs and wants of the customer.

Mobile Office

In some cases, a fleet driver’s vehicle is more than just a trucks, its their mobile office space. With this in mind, the new F-650/F-750 models have been engineered to give drivers something that others cannot: peace and quiet. In a comparison between one of the newly modified 2016 models and a 2015 version of the same model, the 2016 model effectively reduced the noise volume when idle by 45% and reduced the noise level by 25% at 60 mph. Furthermore, the newer model was 35% quieter when standing outside the vehicle. The secret? The new 2016 models have been equipped with a 6.7L Power Stroke V-8 diesel engine that is shown to be considerably quieter than the previous model.

Want to read the entire article? Work Truck Magazine: MY-2016 Ford F-650/F-750 Offers a Menu of Options


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