Improving Vehicle Safety: Collision Mitigation Systems


August 20, 2015 by Minuteman Trucks

International® Collision Mitigation Systems

International® now offers two active collision mitigation systems for the Class 8 Prostar®. The two systems (the Bendix® Wingman® and the Meritor® WABCO® OnGaurd™) are integrated with the vehicle’s cruise control, braking systems and optional roll stability, helping drivers maintain a safe following distance, control lanes, and stay more alert with audible and visual warnings.


Bendix Options

Bendix Wingman Advanced™
Combines adaptive cruise control with braking features along with collision mitigation technology. Fleets benefit from this combination of active safety technologies by helping drivers in collisions, roll-overs, and loss-of-control situations.

Bendix Wingman Fusion™
A combination of collision mitigation, electronic stability, and lane departure warning systems into a single commercial vehicle active safety system using camera, radar, and brake system sensor data. Bendix Wingman Fusion contains adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, overspeed alert, and stationary vehicle braking.

Bendix AutoVue®
The AutoVue LDW (Lane Departure Warning) system detects when a vehicle drifts across a lane marking and works both day and night, and in most weather conditions where visibility is limited.


Meritor WABCO Options

Meritor WABCO OnGuard™
Includes the following: Collisions Warning System (CWS), Adaptive Cruise with Active Braking (ACC), and Collision Mitigation System (CMS).

Works with vehicle cruise control to maintain a safe following distance by actively decelerating and accelerating depending on the situation.

Provides the driver audible and visual warning. Also, active brakes are automatically applied to avoid potential rear-end collisions.

Meritor WABCO OnLane™
Lane Departure Warning System is a camera based system that alerts the driver of unintentional lane drifting, alerting driver to take a corrective action to prevent potential collisions or run-off-road accidents.

Read the entire International Heavy Product Update: International® Collision Mitigation Systems


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