Pierce Fills All New Trucks with Extended Life Coolant

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November 24, 2015 by Minuteman Trucks

MtlTagWhPierce Manufacturing started filling new trucks with an Extended Life Coolant (ELC). The new coolant is a nitrite free, Organic Acid Technology (OAT) Extended Life Coolant. This coolant out performs all previous types by providing the highest service interval – five years in our severe service environment.

With this coolant, you no longer need to add SCA – Supplemental Coolant Additives either through pre-charged coolant filters or through a liquid SCA concentrate. This also means that checks made by using test strips will no longer be necessary. You can still determine the freeze point using a refractometer.

With 2016 Detroit and Cummins engines, coolant filters will no longer be provided as standard. You will need to order coolant filters as an option if required. Again, these filters with the new OAT coolant should not be pre-charged with any level of SCA.

In terms of color, the previous fully formulated antifreeze was green and the new coolant, OAT, is yellow. Minuteman will stock nitrite free OAT coolant for your convenience.


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