Give the Plows Some Space

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January 12, 2016 by Minuteman Trucks


After a relatively calm start to the winter, many of us have forgotten what it’s like to drive in winter weather. In these conditions, snowplow operators work around the clock to clear the roads for other drivers. These large vehicles are a hazard to those that follow too closely. Be sure to follow these safety tips and give snowplow operators the room they need to do their job.

Keep Well Back From Snowplows

Snowplow operators have a limited range of view and are not able to see directly behind their vehicle. Occasionally these vehicles will have to stop or go back. Follow snowplows at a safe distance to ensure your safety and to protect your car from the sanding material that is spread on the roadways.

Snowplow Range of View

Know Where the Snowplow is on Multi-Lane Highways

Snowplows can be in any lane or on the shoulder of the road. Also be sure to watch for them on interstate ramps and “Authorized vehicles only” turnarounds.

Never Drive Through a Snow Cloud or Whiteout Conditions

Be patient when driving, you can’t be sure if such conditions are caused by crosswinds or by a snowplow. Snowplow operators periodically pull over to allow traffic to pass.



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