NationaLease Exceptional Service Award Goes to Minuteman Trucks!

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June 1, 2016 by Minuteman Trucks


Described as “the highest award that can be given to a member for reciprocal services” by Jane Clark, V.P. of Member Service NationaLease, the Exceptional Service Award is the award  given for outstanding Reciprocal Service, chosen strictly by his or her peers.  Each Maintenance Manager receives a ballot each month and is encouraged to vote for the members who have provided them excellent consistent service. Among the winners this year, is Minuteman Trucks, Inc., winner of a silver Exceptional Service Award. Below is a comment by Kevin McEwan from Metro NationaLease, which just serves as a singular example of Minuteman’s dedication to giving its customers the best service possible.

“On Friday night, May 15, 2015, after midnight, I called Minuteman Trucks, Inc., a NationaLease member, in Walpole, MA for help with a broken down tractor. I reached Mike Tordaro, who like me, had just gotten home from the Maintenance Managers Meeting in Florida, but Mike agreed to get out of bed and take his laptop 75 miles away to fix an International with a regen problem. He found the truck, found the cause, and made a correction. He got the unit in shape so it could complete its trip and didn’t finish until 5:00AM, and then he had to go back home. I called him Monday and thanked him again. He really did a good thing for me and my customer.”
-Kevin McEwan of Metro NationaLease (May 2015)


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