Effective Workplace Cleaning Tips to Keep Everyone Safe

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June 21, 2016 by Minuteman Trucks

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In the workplace, housekeeping is more than simple floor cleaning, dust removal, and organizing clutter. Housekeeping is crucial to having a safe work environment, helping prevent injuries, improve productivity and morale, and making a positive impression on visitors. This practice goes beyond the traditional office rooms to industrial workplaces, like warehouses and factories, where good housekeeping is more of a challenge with hazardous and flammable materials. Experts say that all workplace safety programs should include housekeeping and thatĀ all employees play a part. Here are some tips on good housekeeping:

  1. Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls
    • Keep floors clean and dry
    • Make sure drainage is present where “wet processes” occur
    • Report and clean up spills and leaks
    • Keep aisles and exits clear
    • Consider using mirrors and caution signs for blind spots
  2. Eliminate Fire Hazards
    • Keep only necessary amounts of combustible materials in your area
    • Store quick burning, flammable materials in designated areas16.06.16 Floor Cleaning
    • Avoid contaminating clothes with flammable liquids
    • Hazards in electrical areas should be reported and fixed
  3. Control Dust
    • Never use just a shop vac or dry sweep dust
    • Use wet methods or a high efficiency vacuum
  4. Avoid Tracking Material
    • Work-area mats should be kept clean and maintained to avoid spreading hazardous materials
    • Seperate cleaning protocols might be needed for different areas to avoid cross-contamination
    • If working with toxic materials, do not wear the same clothes home
  5. Prevent Falling Objects16.06.16 Warehouse Storage
    • Use a toe board, toe rail, or net
    • Stack boxes and other materials straight up
    • Keep heavy objects on the lowest shelf
  6. Clear Clutter
    • Keep aisles, stairways, emergency exits, electrical panels, and doors free of clutter
    • Purge untidy areas and empty trash receptacles
  7. Store Items Properly
    • Store unused materials and equipment out of the way of workers
    • Avoid using workspace for storage
    • Put everything back where it belongs after use
  8. Use and Inspect Personal Protective Equipment and Tools
    • Wear basic PPE when performing house cleaning
    • Regularly inspect, clean, and fix tools
    • Remove any damaged tools from the work area
  9. Determine Frequency
    • All workers should inspect, and clean their workspace and remove unused materials
    • Companies should have a mixture between deep cleaning and frequent, light cleaning (i.e. sweeping and cleaning up spills)
  10. Create Written Rules
    • Written protocol should specify which cleaners, tools and methods should be used
    • Written protocols make the workplace more efficient so that people are aware of and know the proper procedures
  11. Think Long-Term
    • Maintain a regular walkthrough inspection schedule
    • Keep records, report hazards and train employees to help sustain housekeeping


Want more tips? Click here to read more about 11 Tips for Effective Workplace Housekeeping.


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