Construction Season Has Arrived – Stay Alert

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June 29, 2016 by Minuteman Trucks

This is the season for road construction, so drivers must be especially cautious this summer. States across the country are trying to make roads safer, raising awareness of the dangers of these zones. Here  are some tips for all drivers to keep in mind when dealing with construction zones:

  • SLOW DOWN and stay alert when approaching a construction zone. Be sure to get into the correct lane in advance and stay mindful of other drivers on the road, roadconstructionaheadespecially of those racing to get ahead.
  • GET OFF THE PHONE, even the use of hands free phone technology is distracting, impairing your ability to operate your vehicle.
  • PAY ATTENTION to what the orange and black signs are saying.
  • BE ALERT for what other drivers are doing.
  • PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to construction equipment and workers; always be prepared to stop in case of sudden, unexpected moves.
  • WATCH SPEED LIMITS and do not tailgate. Give the person in front of you room; rear-end collisions are the most common kind of construction zone accident.
  • WATCH FOR CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES entering or exiting the road near the construction zone, as they may enter and exit at a lower speed than other traffic.
  • TURN YOUR HEADLIGHTS ON when approaching a work-zone, alerting others of your presence.


This safety bulletin is brought to you by Idealease.


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