Preventing Work Injuries in Winter


December 1, 2016 by Minuteman Trucks


Slip, Trip, and Fall injuries are the most common type of injury during the winter months. Each year, thousands of professionals are seriously injured due to not paying attention in winter conditions. Working in the ice and snow requires your full attention and awareness. Follow these tips to stay safe:

  • You should go home to your family and friends the way you came to work, safe and healthy.
  • Always wear proper footwear. A full support leather shoe with a rugged nonslip sole. Use non-slip covers on shoe.
  • Slow down, never be in a hurry.
  • Always watch where you walk. Snow can accumulate on top of ice and around truck parking areas.
  • Take small steps and check your footing with each step.
  • Look for ice on all handrails and hand grabs before using them.
  • Always use gloves for better grip.
  • Always use three points of contact when exiting/entering your truck or getting on the cat walk behind the cab.
  • Always use your seat belt.

One thought on “Preventing Work Injuries in Winter

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