Are You Ready for Inclement Weather? 


January 3, 2017 by Minuteman Trucks

To be a better driver and more prepared for inclement weather:

  • Be aware: Stay on top of the latest weather-related driving condition and stay alert to changing conditions as you are driving.
  • Be informed: Use your state traveler information services and make informed decisions as you plan your day. Safe drivers should know the weather and their limits. In bad weather remember: ICE AND SNOW… TAKE IT SLOW!
  • Vehicle Preparation: Prepare your truck for the drive by removing snow from the roof, windows, lights, brake lights, and signals. Be sure that you can see when you are driving. Also check your truck’s tires, fluids, belts, and hoses. A breakdown on a good day is bad, and dangerous on a bad weather day.
  • Time: Make sure you give yourself enough time to comfortably make it on time to your destination. It is not worth putting yourself and others around you at risk to make it on time.
  • First Ice or Snow: Drivers are not ready for driving in the winter. Remember to drive below the posted speed limit and to leave room in front of your vehicle for stopping.
  • Limited Visibility: Stay attentive, reduce your speed, and stay aware of what is going on in your surroundings.

Truck Driving in the Winter

Get Ready, Get Set… Then Go

Before starting your trip, be sure to clear your truck of all snow and ice on it. Just the movement of your vehicle can cause snow to fall onto your windshields or windows obscurring your vision. Keep in mind that while you can spray deicing fluids on your windshields, many of these sprays are alcohol based. In addition to melting the ice, these sprays cool the surface of the glass which allow the moist air to freeze on the surface of the glass obscurring your vision.

Before using a deicing fluid be sure to warm the windshield with the defroster to prevent moisture from your breath icing up on the inside of the truck. Before you start driving, warm your engine, turn on your truck and let it stand idle for a few minutes to prevent stalling. Then drive slowly until your truck is completely warmed up.

Prevent fogging by turning on your heater and defroster before pulling out.

Consider using a block heater to keep your engine warm at night. Cold temperatures will make starting the engine hard the next morning.

Seen and be seen! When it is gray or snowy, turn on your truck’s lights so that not only you can see the road, but also so that others on the road can see you. Keep the headlights and taillights clean for added visiblity.

This safety bulletin is brought to you by Idealease


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