Winterize Your Diesel Vehicle

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January 31, 2017 by Minuteman Trucks

Why Diesel Fuel Needs to be Winterized

Diesel fuels contain paraffin (wax) which causes it to gel as it cools, leading to possible engine failure. No one wants a stalled vehicle in frigid temperatures. The two primary fuels for most diesel applications are Number 1 (1D) and Number 2 (2D). During the warmer months, diesel mixtures have a high concentration of 2D, which is considered a summer-grade fuel. As temperatures cool, distributors switch to a “winterized” fuel blend which has a mixture between 1D and 2D. As seasons change, be sure to check the fuel grade and the cetane rating on the pump. The higher the cetane rating, the easier the vehicle will start in cold weather.

Fuel Additives and When to Use Them

Fuel additives are used to prevent the gelling of your fuel and should be used anytime temperatures are going to drop below 32° F. Power Service is a popular manufacturer of fuel additives and have two outstanding products available at both Minuteman locations! Call today to stock up – Walpole 800-231-8458, Shrewsbury 800-668-3114.


  • Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement + Cetane “White Bottle”
    • Add to fuel after every fill when ambient temperatures are going to be below 32° F
    • This should be used on a regular basis during the winter months
    • Price until February 28, 2017: $6.25 per bottle
  • Power Service 911 “Red Bottle” 
    • Only use when fuel in unit has already gelled
    • Never to be used on a regular basis to avoid gelling
    • Price until February 28, 2017: $6.70 per bottle


This safety bulletin was brought to you by Idealease


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